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How many dogs had to die in United States yesterday?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Me neither …until I had a heartbreaking experience not long ago. Any dog could be in that place. As a dog, I have many dog friends. One of them was Charlie, a three years old German Shepherd. We were on a regular evening walk with our human friends. I had known Charlie for many dog's years. He was wise and his human friend was very kind and lovely girl. Why am I using the past tense? Everything happened so fast. We were in the park near a road. He noticed something on the other side of the road and got into a sprint, which was very unusual for him, since he never chased anything with a sudden impulse. In a split second he was lying on the road bleeding. The car driver jumped out of his car, kept saying: "I didn't see anything". It was devastating, Charlie was...

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